Auteur Filmmaker

Zedekiah Morse is an Auteur Filmmaker with a deep understanding of the myriad crucial production/post processes necessary to bring compelling content to fruition.

Zedekiah’s skillset includes Cinematography, Aerial Photography, Wilderness Photography, Lighting Design, Set Design, Costume Design, Content Editing, Sound Design, Foley Design, Color Grading, Soundtrack Composition, Narration, Recording Engineer, Audio Mixer, Photorealistic Previsualization and Storyboarding, Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Deep Background Researcher, Ghost Composer.

With a rich background as a skilled bush pilot and aerial wilderness explorer, his cinematic approach from the skies is truly breathtaking.

Where Eagles Fly | As an independent filmmaker, his focus is on adventurous explorations on the ground and in the air using a modified bushplane as a specialized camera platform to acquire a unusual, rare perspectives of iconic wilderness areas.

Operating as a one man production allows a highly concentrated focus on the film in real-time which provides a powerful production component.
As I film these majestic scenes from the air. I hear the soundtrack, I sense the finished vision while still filming it.

Davinci Resolve – Premiere Pro – After Effects – Nuendo – Atmos

As an Auteur Filmmaker, Zedekiah overlaps skills to dedicate focus on the production process. He is an expert in Davinci Resolve, Premier Pro, After Effects, and all other interconnected Adobe Creative Suite components.
He creates hyper-photorealistic previsualizations and storyboard scenes.

He composes using the Steinberg Nuendo DAW and mixes in Dolby Atmos. A seasoned composer, he has the ability to create cinematic soundtracks and sound design that envelop visuals in sonorous, sweeping soundscapes that compel attention. Zedekiah calls his music “Ambient Explorations“.

Demo Film Work

Adventure Exploration Films

Artist Music Videos

Real Estate Promotion

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